Bank Bonus

Best Bank Promotions That Don’t Require Direct Deposit – March 2023

Bank bonuses can be beneficial, but qualifying for them can often be a major source of frustration due to the mandatory requirement of setting up a direct deposit from your employer or government benefits for many promotional offers.

To earn most bank bonuses, you will typically need to fulfill certain requirements. These can include maintaining a specific balance in your account at all times or meeting a minimum deposit requirement when you open the account, among other things. Additionally, you may need to maintain an average daily balance to qualify for the bonus.

If your employer does not support direct deposit, linking your account to it can become an issue when it is a mandatory requirement to receive the sign-up bonus offered by many banks.

Modifying your direct deposit information can also be an inconvenience, which raises the question of whether there are any offers that do not necessitate such a requirement. Although they are less frequent since they lower the probability of account retention, we have compiled a list of such offers for your convenience below.

Are you in the market for a new checking, savings, or business bank account? Take a look at these offers that do not mandate a direct deposit for you to earn rewards.